Fresh, Pure,
Naturally Great.

A sophisticated modern take on traditional cider.

Certified Organic by Pro-Cert

Exactly what it says;
Not Too Sweet.

This cider shouts summer. It has amazing pear and caramel
apple aromatics, with just a hint of sweetness and spice.

Certified Organic by Pro-Cert

Surprisingly Dry,
Wonderfully Crisp
and Very Refreshing.

Strong notes of cranberry on the nose and palate,
with hints of red currant and citrus flavours to finish.

Certified Organic by Pro-Cert

Hard Cider
Meets Pilsner…

Balanced, dry and fragrant, our Hopped Up Cider uses a healthy
dose of Centennial hops to create an easily quaffable sipper.

Certified Organic by Pro-Cert

Try Our Award Winning Ciders

Our Organic Ciders

All our Ciders are made from organic apples grown and picked by local apple growers. We hand-select our varieties to create our blends and press all of our apples ourselves.

  • nice & dry

    6.3% ABV
    Available at the LCBO & Grocery Stores

    Our Flagship Cider. This is a classic cider, with pear and elderflower flavour notes, and a bit of the crisp funk of natural fermentation. Straw-coloured and strongly carbonated, Nice N’ Dry lives up to its name.

    Food pairings: A sophisticated yet versatile cider, Nice & Dry can be enjoyed with anything from a roasted tomato soup to your favourite prosciutto and goats cheese pizza.

    Best in Show
    2017 Toronto
    Cider Festival

    Silver Medal GlintCap 2019Bronze Medal GlintCap 2018


    6.3% ABV
    Available in Kegs and Cans for Licensees.

    This cider shouts summer. It has amazing pear and caramel apple aromatics, with just a hint of sweetness and spice. Made with Beaver Valley organic apples, Not Too Sweet is lightly amber in colour, light tasting and crisp and is best served right out of the cooler.

    Food pairings: Its unique flavours pair very well with a good mango chutney or summer squash crostini.

    Silver Medal GlintCap 2019Bronze Medal GlintCap 2018


    9% ABV
    Available in Kegs Only.

    This light amber cider packs a lot of a punch, with a higher alcohol by volume than our other offerings. Off-dry with a smoother mouthfeel, it has subtle honey and nectar aromatics and taste. You might not know what hit you. And by the way, it’s organic.

    Food pairings: Beefy burgers, spicy chicken wings and nachos are a no brainer when it comes to making this cider sing.

    Silver Medal GlintCap 2019

  • Cranberry

    5.6% ABV
    Available in Kegs and Cans for Licensees.

    Made with the perfect blend of apples and organic cranberries, our Cranberry cider is very effervescent, with a beautiful rose gold colour. It has strong notes of cranberry on the nose and palate, with red currant and citrus flavours. This cider is surprisingly dry, very crisp and wonderfully refreshing.

    Food Pairings: Pair alongside turkey meatballs or a cranberry-brie toasted sandwich.

    Silver Medal GlintCap 2019Bronze Medal GlintCap 2018


    6.4% ABV
    Available in Kegs and Cans for Licensees.

    Made from locally grown organic apples and Hops from Meaford. The result is a balanced cider which is characteristically grassy, with a bit of floral spice, like a pilsner. Wheat-coloured, dry, and with moderate acidity, it has flavour notes of Granny Smith apples, a refreshing citrus aftertaste, and a good, clean finish.

    Food Pairings: Try pairing this Cider with a warm mushroom risotto, or classic devilled eggs.

    Hopped Up
    Silver Medal
    GlintCap 2018

    Bronze Medal GlintCap 2019Silver Medal
    2018 CDN Cider Awards

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Fresh Pure Naturally Great Organic Apples

If it doesn’t happen naturally, it doesn’t happen at all!

First Place: Dry Cider Category, 2017 Toronto Cider Festival
Now available in the LCBO.

This sophisticated modern take on traditional cider is made from organic apples, pressed and cold fermented by us.

Our simple less-is-more blend results in a crisp, clean classic cider that is the perfect choice for any easy drinking occasion.

Refreshing, all natural, Gluten-Free and just Great. Try some today.

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Values we stand on

Our Core Values

Our goal at the Great Canadian Cider Company is to create and distribute the very best Hard Ciders in Canada using locally grown organic apples. To us, that means we strive to always:

Be Local

We believe in working with what we’re given. This means we support orchards growing our region’s organic apples. All our apples come from local farmers.

Be Sustainable

We are proud to be
members of the Ontario
Craft Cider Association and the
Apple Pie Trail Association working
to promote Ontario Cider Makers.

Give Back

We are pleased to partner with
local organizations. By lending a helping hand, we strive to give back and support the community that supports us.

How We Make Great Organic Cider

Want to know where you can find our Ciders ?

Great Cider is available at a wide variety of LCBO & Grocery Stores across Ontario and served in pubs and restaurants. Check out our locations below to find out where you can try our Ciders.

Introducing Our Ice Cider

Exceptionally Rare Naturally
Aged 8 Year Old Small Batch
Handcrafted Ice Cider.

Ice Cider Gold Medal

2018 Cidercraft Magazine Awards

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