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Steve Roper

Steve Roper. Director of Marketing.

Steve Roper is an award winning Creative Marketing Director.

His career spans 40 years and has included major marketing projects with clients such as Dicom Transportation
Inc,. IBM Canada, Henry Birks & Sons, The Bermuda Department of Tourism, the St. Martin Department of
Tourism, Chrysler Canada, BBDO Canada, The Port Angeles, Washington Department of Tourism, Doctors
Without Borders, Habitat for Humanity, Craigdarroch Castle – A National Canadian Historical Site in Victoria. BC,
the Marine Megafauna Foundation in Mozambique and the Town of Collingwood, Ontario.

He has been awarded Best in Canada for his work on trade show design for Dicom Transportation Inc. on three
occasions and has been awarded Best in Canada by the Canadian Marketing Association for the launch of the C
hrysler PT Cruiser, the most successful car launch in Canadian history.

He has sat on the Board of Directors of the Swan Lake Nature Sanctuary and the Ogden Point Enhancement
Society both in Victoria, British Columbia and the Johns Island Conservancy in South Carolina.

In 2015, he partnered with Mr. Peter Overing to launch The Great Canadian Cider Company.

The 2000 RSVP Awards Automotive Products & Services
GOLD. Best in Canada.
Campaign: Chrysler PT Cruiser Handraiser Program
Creative Director: Steve Roper. Copywriter: Matthew Daley

Few brands push the envelope of conventional design quite like Chrysler. When the company launched the
daring and innovative PT Cruiser, it was immediately apparent that the proverbial envelope hadn’t just been
pushed – it had been torn to pieces.

In the nine months leading up to the May launch, Steve Roper and Matt Daley, created a campaign to attract
prospects. Using simple and cool images, the company promoted the PT Cruiser on billboard and transit ads,
in magazines and on Web banners, gradually building excitement.

All the advertising included a call-to-action, either a 1-877 number or Web addresses – –
that cemented the brand’s identity. These efforts built a strong database of “handraisers”, who were then
targeted with a three-phase direct mail effort.

The first mailing, using a large exclamation mark, emphasized the fun aspect of the car. The second included
exclusive information to keep prospects interested, and the third – which included a PT Cruiser key ring – invited
customers to take a test drive. The key was to make recipients feel as if they were part of something exclusive
and special.

The program attracted the right target – young, urban and hip – as conceived by Steve Roper, Matt Daley and
Jeff Kess, giving the brand a certain cachet with a traditionally atypical Chrysler audience’.

– The Canadian Marketing Association. 2001

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